Scroll saw art -  portraits in wood, RV accessories, key racks, framed pictures and framed word art, and letter openeres/bookmarks can be found here.

 The "R V Accessories" are my own design, personalized cedar nameplates. Key racks simular to your RV camper using the same pattern are also made.  Take a look, seven to choose from. Very original idea.
There is a new section called "Key Racks."  15 different designs to choose from and soon you will be able to have a personalized key rack made for yourself or as a gift.
A new addition is the "Framed Art Work" of  people and other notable.   
I can be reached at 318-347-6474.    
e-mail:  bayoucrafter1@aol.com
Thank you for visiting my site and hope to hear from "y'all real soon". 

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