Unless otherwise noted, all crosses are 3/4" Poplar and stained with light oak and high gloss sealer. Prices include shipping & handling inside U.S.A.

Rose Cross.  8"x11" $23.00

Starburst.  $20.00  


Tayco Design Cross. 8"x10" $25.00   

Dove Cross.  $27.00

 14 Names for Christ.  $42.00

Tree of Life Cross.  8"x11" $27.00

Faith Cross  5"x7"

Hope Cross  5"x7"

Love Cross  5"x7"
Amazing Grace Cross   $37.00  8"x11"

Be Still  8"x11"

I am the way  $37.00

 Let my life Cross  $32.00

  Jesus with dove Cross

  God is good Cross   $%15.00  4 1/2"x6"

Tree of Life oval with easel  9 1/2"x7 1/2"
Amazing Grace tabletop with slide base  $20.00   5"x8"

"Be the good" word art  5 1/2"x8"

The next four crosses are 1/2" Select Pine, natural finish with high gloss finish

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